About Me

I am a software developer, mostly concentrating on the Microsoft .NET technologies. If I abstract what I do by removing all the irrelevant details, my job description would be: I inherit classes and I set properties. Occasionally, I use some if-else decision making statements. 

I would love to learn a musical instrument  as a hobby (keyboard, guitar..anything) but I always start and stop. I love music but I just don't seem to understand how to learn it. I was born and brought up in India and now I am in US for past some time. I also like to sing Hindi songs in reverse order word-by-word. I tried doing that for English songs but couldn't do it. Probably because the phonetics of Hindi and English are very different.

I like Cricket and Tennis. Maybe once or twice in a year, I get a chance to play some club cricket. I am a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar. I was 9-10 years old when Sachin started to play cricket and like most of the people in my generation, I looked up to him. 

I started writing this blog more for the purposes of documentation of what I learn. Earlier I used to think that documentation is a waste of time but over the years I have realized the importance of documentation. I can learn something new today, but in the next few days I will forget. If I can at least, keep the pointers for what I learned somewhere on the web, I can always go back and refresh my brain.